Market Sectors

Roto moulding (or rotational moulding) is a plastic moulding process which offers almost unlimited possibilities to end users and OEMs. For this reason, it has been the fastest growing sector of the plastics industry for the past decade. Below is a sample of the market sectors we already work in:

  • Water Treatment - Rotational Mouldings is a manufacturer and supplier of products into the water treatment industry. These can be products from a new design or conversion from glass reinforced plastic (GRP). Industries supplied are rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, construction and agricultural storage tanks.
  • Offshore Buoyancy - RML is a supplier into the marina offshore buoyancy and marine safety equipment industries. Products manufactured range from safety equipment such as lifebuoys, polyethylene floats and offshore protection finger ends for the oil industry.
  • Medical - A number of products are suited to rotational moulding for the pharmaceutical industry. These include intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) for storing & handling powders, tablets and liquids. Also products such as hospital equipment and decontamination units are suited due to the chemical UV, temperature and impact resistance, which is made available using rotomoulding grade materials.
  • Street Furniture - Durable Traffic Bollards with integral moulded in graphics, duct boxes, bike shelters, Grit bins, Litter bins and waste recycling systems.
  • Construction - A large number of products are suited to rotomoulding within the automotive, construction and agricultural industries. RML currently manufacture roofs, mudguards, vehicle interiors, diesel, coolant and hydraulic tanks.

A few examples of rotomoulded products

  • Economic tooling costs
  • Stronger, lighter mouldings
  • Even wall thickness
  • Variety of surface finishes
  • Practically any colour
  • Design flexibility
  • Economical production
  • Extremely durable
  • Environmentally friendly
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