The Rotational Moulding Group came together at the beginning of 2009. It comprises of two of the largest and most respected custom moulding companies in the UK.

Rotational Mouldings Limited operating in its own 80,000 square feet facility was established in 1973. One of the innovators of the Rotomoulding process the company has continually invested in state of the art machines and facilities to allow year on year growth.  

In early 2009 Rotational Mouldings Ltd acquired Haywood Roto Moulding Ltd out of which the Rotational Moulding Group was formed, operating on two sites the group is one of the biggest rotational moulding companies in Europe. With 26 machines across two sites and some of the largest machines available, this unsurpassed capacity gives the Rotational Moulding Group all the capabilities to meet your needs.


A few examples of rotomoulded products

  • Economic tooling costs
  • Stronger, lighter mouldings
  • Even wall thickness
  • Variety of surface finishes
  • Practically any colour
  • Design flexibility
  • Economical production
  • Extremely durable
  • Environmentally friendly
ISO 9001

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